Building Envelope Testing Services

Covering all Field Window Water Testing and Whole Building Air Barrier Testing 

BEE Consulting, LLC offers Window Testing and Air Barrier Testing in both Washington and Oregon. We have offices in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR to facilitate meeting your testing needs.  Below are specifics on our many testing services for your building needs:

Newly Installed or investigative window water leakage testing, accommodating both commercial and residential projects.


Window Water Testing Services:
Window Water testing will be done in accordance with AAMA/ASTM guidelines to insure all our clients receive services pertaining to their specific needs.AAMA certified window water testing

  • AAMA 502.2:  Voluntary specification for field testing of newly installed fenestration products by an American Architectural Manufacturers Association certified testing technician (AAMA).
  • ASTM E1105:  Active Standard Test Method for field determination of water penetration of exterior windows, skylights, doors, and curtain walls by uniform or cyclic static air pressure difference.
  • AAMA 501.2:  Quality assurance and diagnostic water leakage field check of installed storefronts, curtain walls and sloped glazing systems by an American Architectural Manufacturers Association certified testing technician (AAMA).
  • ASTM E783:  Active Standard Test Method of field measurement of air leakage through installed exterior window and doors.


Air Barrier Testing Services:
Whole Building Air Barrier Testing services are offered to comply with Washington (2015 or 2018 WSEC) and Oregon State Energy Code requirements.

  • Energy Code:  Complies with current Washington/Oregon State Energy Code requirements for residential and commercial provisions.
  • ASTM E-779-10:  Active Standard Test Method for determining air leakage rate by fan pressurization.
  • LEED:  We offer unit by unit testing to comply with LEED energy requirements.
  • Thermal Imaging:  Our team can perform investigational air and water Leakage diagnostics using smoke and infrared radiation (IR).


Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) Testing Services:
ELD Testing services are offered to comply with ASTM D8231 and ASTM D7877 requirements.

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) Testing Services, black EPDM, waterproof membranes, semi-conductive membranes, electronic scanning

  • Equipment:  IntegriScan from Detec. Testing can be performed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces and is the only system capable of testing semi-conductive membranes, including black EPDM.
  • ASTM D8231:  Low voltage electronic scanning system for detecting and locating breaches in roofing and waterproofing membranes.
  • ASTM D7877:  Electronic methods for detecting and locating leaks in waterproof membranes.


What Happens on the Day of Testing?

  • On the day of testing, BEE’s team will construct and seal a chamber on the interior of the building around the fenestration to be tested.  A fan will be attached to the chamber to exhaust air from the chamber at a rate required to maintain the test pressure across the specimen.
  • On the exterior of the window or door, BEE’s team will set up a calibrated spray rack at the exterior face of the specimen to be tested.  This test has water spraying at the window or door at a specified rate and pressure from the exterior to simulate a wind driven rain.  This simulates the wind pressure that could be forced upon the unit from natural winds.  


What Happens After the Test?

After the testing is complete, BEE will generate a written report with the test results.