Air Barrier Testing

Why Is Air Barrier Testing Important?

A continuous and properly functioning air barrier system is a cost effective way to control air leakage and maintain correct moisture levels throughout a building.  Uncontrolled air leakage can have detrimental effects on the HVAC systems and can reduce the intended life cycle of the building.  When installed correctly the air barrier system will increase durability and energy efficiency by stopping uncontrolled air leakage in and out of the building enclosure. 

With this in mind, we recommend that a proper air barrier protocol that includes the following elements be established early in the design process:

  • Pre-design consultation to establish air barrier assemblies and systems, details, and material specifications.
  • Plan and specification review to ensure that joints, interfaces, transitions and penetrations are identified and detailed.
  • Submittal reviews, mock-ups and testing of components.
  • Quality assurance field inspections during the project.
  • Air barrier testing and diagnostics as the air barrier is completed.

Attention to these elements helps the project team succeed in establishing a properly functioning air barrier system.  This will meet the building codes that have adopted air leakage standards.  The testing and acceptance requirements of the local jurisdiction will be utilized in our process.