James C. Freeling, P.E.

James C. Freeling, P.E.


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering
    Oregon State University, 1972


  • Building Envelope Failure Investigation
  • Building Envelope Design
  • Ventilation Design
  • Heat / Vapor Transfer through building materials


  • P.E., Mechanical Engineering
    State of Washington, No. 16708
  • P.E., Mechanical Engineering
    State of Oregon, No. 12653


  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences: member

James C. Freeling, P.E.

Principal Engineer

Mr. Freeling formed BEE Consulting, LLC (BEE) in 1999, as a consultancy that specializes in building envelope designs and inspections. In the last 20 years through BEE, Mr. Freeling has provided building envelope design and inspections using the most current design concepts available that utilize the “rainscreen” design approach. This concept has transformed the construction industry in the Pacific Northwest. The use of a “face sealed” building envelope has been generally replaced by the design concept that is solely utilized by Mr. Freeling’s company.<br><br>

Mr. Freeling has designed the building envelope system for numerous residential buildings and commercial structures in the Pacific Northwest and other climate regions of our country.  He is accomplished in the use of WUFI Pro 6.4 Software which uses a variety of variables and local climate data in order to caclulate the moisture within the building walls and roof (Building Envelope).  Some of these variables are building materials, insulations, paint and coatings, cladding types, building height, and orientation to the sun. He is the President and Principal Design Engineer at BEE Consulting and oversees a staff of Engineers, Energy Consultants, CAD Drafters, experienced Field Inspectors and Testing Professionals.