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Dave Luxmore

Quality Manager, Testing Specialist

Mr. Luxmore joined BEE Engineers in December 2018 serving as our Simulation Department Manager and Simulator in Responsible Charge specializing in Commercial Fenestration. In his role, he was responsible for developing and maintaining all procedures involved with NFRC laboratory accreditation including; Training Materials, Quality Control Program, Internal Operations Manual, and Internal Audits.

Mr. Luxmore left BEE Consulting briefly to pursue other interests and returned in the fall of 2023 as our Quality Manager and Testing Specialist. In this role, he maintains our quality control programs including documentation, technician work quality, and equipment maintenance and calibration schedule. He also performs both window and air barrier testing with our testing team.

Prior to Mr. Luxmore’s employment at BEE, he worked as an NFRC Certified Simulator at National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc. During his three years there, he performed a wide variety of product calculations specializing in commercial products where he regularly performed simulations using the Component Modeling Approach. In his time there, Mr. Luxmore’s skills were focused on complex product simulation including; sloped glazing, domed skylights, thermochromic dynamic glazing, venetian blinds, and site built fenestration.

Mr. Luxmore is also skilled in computer operations, software support, and customer service making him a valuable asset to the BEE Consulting Team.


  • Certified Simulator; National Fenestration Rating Council, 2017-2019

  • Everett Community College, 2007

Registrations, Affiliations & Expertise

  • Certified Simulator

  • Simulator in Responsible Charge

  • Computer Operations

  • Software Support

  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

  • Microsoft Office

  • Customer Service

Dave Luxmore
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