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Building Sustainability

BEE is committed to helping our clients successfully achieve green building certifications. We work with architects, developers, GCs, and engineers, ideally coming on board during design. We start by working with the client to understand their green building goals and how those goals align with the various certification programs. As an unbiased third party, we advise on which certifications are most achievable and why. Once we’ve created a baseline understanding of our client’s goals, we stand ready to support them, the design team, and the general contractor through administrative services, energy modeling, and onsite inspection and verification.



Scheduling, cataloging, and documentation are essential, yet time consuming tasks. Once the desired certifications have been identified, we systematically collect all evidence needed by the certifying agency. In short, we create the paper trail—from design documentation and the energy model to invoices for materials to detailed site photos and more, all required information is assembled and organized to ensure a smooth evaluation process. 

Building Energy Modeling

As described in Energy Consultation & Verification, BEE provides total building energy performance modeling services using eQUEST or REMrate, as required for code compliance and certifications. In addition to demonstrating energy efficiency and whole building energy consumption, the energy model is used as a verification tool for materials and equipment installation when reviewed in conjunction with construction site photos. 

On-Site Verification & Testing

Our field technicians visit our client’s project sites throughout multiple phases of construction to evaluate and document all key energy considerations. From grading the quality of the insulation installation to confirming that materials and equipment specified in the model have indeed been installed, we serve as our client’s extra pair of eyes to ensure they are on track to achieving certification and constructing the best possible building. All findings are reported to our clients, which are then incorporated in the application paperwork for the applicable green building programs.

Admin, Energy Model & On-Site
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