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BEE provides remediation consultation services to property management groups and home owners associations (HOAs). From assessments to reserve study reviews to maintenance schedules, we support clients through the often complex task of mitigating leaks and intrusions and establishing a plan to stay in front of future issues.  

BEE team reviewing building plans


Our field staff conduct infrared thermography (IRt) scans to identify anomalies in the walls and ceilings and then verify if they are air leaks or water leak intrusions. More powerful and comprehensive than a visual inspection, IRt scans reveal:

  • Poor insulation

  • Air leaks

  • Water saturation

  • Pest problems

  • Heating

  • Venting pipes that have become disconnected


Over the course of an assessment, we review past Reserve Studies and work closely with the Property Management or HOA’s Reserve Study Group to understand existing conditions. We also recommend that homeowners fill out a simple yes/no survey to further inform our work. At the end of an assessment, our client receives a comprehensive report that will serve as a critical reference when assembling budgets.

Leak Investigation

We design our water leak investigation packages to fit our client’s needs. To pinpoint the origin of a leak, we can perform visual inspection, utilize infrared thermography (IRt) scans, borescope viewing, and—when necessary—conduct a destructive evaluation. Our assessment and recommendations for repair are then included in a follow-up report. 


Rounding out our services, our team works with clients to develop tailored Maintenance Schedules that clearly identify the ongoing maintenance items that are required to preserve a condominium building and grounds close to an “as new” basis. The combined approach of using a detailed and informative Maintenance Schedule in conjunction with the Reserve Study not only establishes a strong and affordable cash management approach, it ensures that the maintenance items are actually accomplished as needed on a planned basis rather than a reactionary “fix it as it breaks” approach.  

Assessments & Leak Investigation
Leak Investigaton Mobile
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