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Building Envelope Consulting

BEE offers architects and developers a full package of building envelope design, inspection, and  testing services for all building types ranging from municipal and educational, to commercial and residential. Coupled with our energy consulting services, our clients have a partner in making sure that their buildings meet or exceed code requirements and perform as intended for years to come.

BEE employee reviewing CAD rendering on computer screen


As an integral part of the design team, our consultants review the plans, sections, and details provided by architects, structural and civil engineers, and landscape architects to create the best solution for their given situation. We provide a full set of detailed design drawings and diagrams in compliance with local building codes, including CSI Format Specifications, material location diagrams, and air barrier diagrams. 

Construction Administration Services

We provide value engineering analysis, collaborate with architects and other co-consultants to promptly respond to Requests for Information (RFIs) and on submittals. We also support design consultation on as-built conditions during construction.

Condominium Consultation

BEE has a full team of licensed professional engineers and experienced design and field consultants to help our clients ensure project compliance with RCW 64.55.

Construction Administration

BEE’s field inspectors play a key role in quality assurance during construction. We work with the builder to ensure that products are installed correctly, thus preventing costly rework and potential water or air leaks. We couple our extensive knowledge of manufactured systems and waterproofing components with our understanding of construction sequencing, drawings, specifications, and design concepts to provide timely feedback to the builder, design team, and owner. The end-result is a waterproof and appropriately airtight building envelope that performs as designed for the service life of the structure.


BEE’s team of subject matter experts provide a full range of investigative techniques and expert witness services related to construction defects. Our clients range from real estate investment trusts and facilities managers to property owners and homeowners. Our field work often entails using non-destructive evaluation methods such as infrared scanning and borescope viewing to investigate difficult-to-reach areas. Once we’ve concluded our diagnostics, we determine the most effective strategy for repair or remediation of the defect. When called upon, we use our technical expertise to help our clients achieve their litigation goals through technical report writing, depositions, and expert witness testimony. 

Field Services & Forensics
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