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Ekaterina Bautista

Energy Department Manager

Ms. Bautista joined BEE Engineers in June of 2018 as an Energy Consultant which consisted of building energy envelope analysis, and compliance of the building energy envelope with the Energy Code. Ms. Bautista has a keen willingness to learn and works diligently to do any research needed to get the answers needed for any project she’s working on. As such, in August 2020, she was promoted to Consultant & Project Manager, Energy. She continued to serve a vital role in our Energy Department and in January of 2023 was promoted to Consultant & Supervisor, Energy.

Prior to her time at BEE, Ms. Bautista was an Engineering Assistant with the Gas Design Distribution System Department of Puget Sound Energy. During this time, Ms. Bautista created designs with the smart data AutoCAD Utility Design, analyzed and collected information to verify data used to develop projects, and prepared designs of gas systems to ensure they met applicable codes and standard.

Before working for Puget Sound Energy, Ms. Bautista worked in Belarus for six years as a Design Engineer for NAFTAN, and prior that, she spent two years as a Heating Engineer for The Municipal Unitary Manufacturing Facility “Brest Boiler Economy” (an enterprise that provides services for supplying thermal energy for heating, hot water, and technological purposes).


  • M.S., Industrial Heat-Power Engineering, 2007; Belarusian National Technical University

  • B.S., Industrial Heat-Power Engineering, 2006; Belarusian National Technical University

Registrations, Affiliations & Expertise

  • Whole Building Air Barrier Testing

  • Field Window Water Testing

  • Welding & Metal Fabrication

Ekaterina Bautista
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