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BEE Launches New Brand and Logo

Representing a new evolution in the legacy of BEE, we're excited to announce our new branding, including a fresh logo, brand colors, and typography.

As part of our continuing brand advancement, we're happy to announce the launch of our new company logo, supported by a fresh new color palate and updated typography. As BEE Engineers continues to grow and advance, our logo has followed suit. The new logo pays homage to the bee mascot of our past and incorporates BEE's signature yellow while introducing new tones of orange, light blue, and dark grey.

In addition to subtle nods to our past brand and mascot, the geometric quality of our new logo makes reference to the structures and building envelopes that BEE engages with in our day-to-day operations. Our new brand identity represents the bold, energetic, and forward-looking approach that will continue to guide our company into the future.

BEE Engineers: Designing, inspecting & testing buildings for a resilient & healthy future.

To better encapsulate the comprehensive capabilities and services of our firm, BEE's acronym has also been updated. Evolving from the original Building Envelope Engineering, BEE now signifies Building Envelope & Energy. While subtle, this change evokes our mission to provide efficient, reliable, and sustainable building envelope and energy design solutions to all of our clients.


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