New Building Design

BEE Consulting, LLC’s primary focus has always been to perform superior Building Envelope Design, Energy Analysis, Quality Assurance Inspections, and Window and Air Barrier Testing for our clients and community.  Since 1999 we have provided Architects and Developers with a full package of building envelope design details on all building types ranging from municipal and educational, to commercial and residential. 

BEE has a staff of 28 employees that includes a group of licensed professional engineers, AutoCAD drafters, experienced construction inspectors and highly qualified window and air barrier testing technicians.  Our state of the art and science building envelope waterproofing designs are based on both WUFI Pro building envelope modeling software and eQuest Energy Analysis.

Here are some of the items we can do for you:

  1. Building Envelope Design
  • Issue detail design drawings and provide material Short Form Specifications or CSI Format Specifications for inclusion into the Architect's print set. 
  • Material Location Drawings for the rainscreen, to include all WRB. (vapor barriers, vapor retarders)
  • Provide Building Envelope Air Barrier Diagrams in compliance with local building codes.
  1.  Energy to Permit Forms
  • Building Envelope Energy Design and Consulting in compliance with local building and energy codes.
  1. Green Building Certifications
  • Consulting for Green Building Certifications like LEED, Built Green, Energy Star, and Energy Conservation Incentives.
  • Total Building Energy Performance Modeling using eQUEST or REMrate required for Code compliance, Green Building Certification and Energy Conservation Incentives.
  1. Construction Administrative Services
  • Field Quality Assurance Service Inspections.
  • New Construction Window Testing in accordance with ASTM E1105.
  • Whole Building Enclosure Air Barrier Testing in accordance with ASTM E779 or an approved equivalent test method.
  • Value Engineering Analysis.
  1. Condominium Consultation
  • Project compliance with RCW 64.55.


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