Design Drafting

The BEE drafting department actualizes the designs of the waterproofing engineers.  Using an AutoCAD drafting system, crucial sections are detailed out to help visualize and define the materials, concepts, and construction of the waterproofing.  

The drafting team does not merely follow the directions of the Waterproofing Project Manager, we are an integral part of the design team.  After outlining specific materials and systems with the Project Managers, the Drafting Designers review the plans, sections, and details provided by various architects, structural and civil engineers, and landscape architects to create the best solution for given situations.  Instead of altering the design of others to the concepts of waterproofing, it is our intent to incorporate the vision of the architect in our waterproofing design detail.

Working in a strong team environment, the Design Drafting department collaborates with clients, architects, other co-consultants and our project manager to respond to Requests for Information (RFI) in a timely manner and ensure the project's success.