Energy Consultation

2018 WSEC

BEE has been successfully working for years to help architects to improve Building Envelope ideas.  Those ideas help to protect buildings against water intrusions and vapor build-up.  In addition to building envelope consultation, BEE also provides energy analysis.  The knowledge of a buildings thermal and energy systems coexists with concepts of water/vapor proofing. 

Adding the energy analysis to BEE’s toolset we hope to improve:

  • Coordination between energy and building envelope designs
  • Client experience for our clients by providing one stop service
  • Long term operating costs of a building
  • Achieve energy conservation
  • Meet legislated energy requirements

As construction technology and sustainable design grow every year, the envelope of the building is getting more and more of the recognition it deserves.  The building envelope is more than an aesthetic façade; it is the first line of defense against the elements.  Any chink in this armor could lead to water intrusion, constant maintenance, and high energy costs. 

To ensure that energy codes and goals are met we pride ourselves in our skills and knowledge of:

  • Building thermal and energy systems
  • Energy-efficient building envelope design factors
  • Ability to perform energy analyses including:
    • eQUEST
    • WUFI Pro
    • COMcheck
    • Excel Spreadsheet Calculations 
  • Familiarity with comfort concepts
  • Energy codes and standards

Working with architects and engineers we can advise them and help guide them to a better more effective building envelope; a building that will last.