Field Services

Construction phase inspections play a key role in Quality Assurance observations during the construction phase.  We augment the contractor’s continuous Quality Control plan.

It is critical that Field Services Consultants have the following attributes and qualifications:

  1. Experience to understand the construction sequence
  2. Ability to comprehend detail drawings, specifications, and design concepts
  3. Familiarity with numerous manufactured systems and waterproofing components
  4. Ability to identify deviations from design intent established by the team
  5. Good communication and report writing skills

Attention to these five areas of professional development helps the project team succeed in the construction phase challenges and complexities.  Costly rework and potential water/air leaks can be avoided by timely focused inspections that are followed through by the builder to restore the deficient condition to an acceptable state if they occur.

An additional role our Field Services Consultants fulfill is that of support to the designated BEE Project Manager and Drafting Department.  As the “eyes and ears” in the field, we often are called upon to provide timely communications between constructor and designer for specific technical detailing. In this way, clarity is maintained through the RFI (Request For information) process. In most cases, we use a written and tracked RFI and Submittal process to document the work.

The Field Services Department ensures that the approved products are being utilized in the correct manner and to project specifications.  The result?  A waterproof and appropriately airtight building envelope that performs as designed for the expected service life of the structure.

With the industry-wide rapid increase in number of building envelope products and applications, BEE is proud to rely on our experienced field staff to help in providing valuable feedback to the builder, architect, owner, and designer throughout this process.